Trust and Nominee Company Services

Initiative Ireland Nominees

Our Purpose

Initiative Ireland Nominees Limited, trading as Initiative Ireland Nominees (IIN) is a Trust and Company Service provider authorised by the Department of Justice & Equality of Ireland. We aim to provide confidence and comfort to our business clients, through value added services which support their service needs.

Our Services

  • Trustee & Security Agent: We act as an independent security agent, holding security in the collective interest of syndicates and other beneficiaries, with delegated authority to act in the collective interest of the security beneficiaries. This service is ideal for collective loan or investment structures, where security must be registered and held in trust.
  • Nominee Agent: As a Nominee, IIN holds in its own name, shares and relating dividends and bonuses which may accrue on shares which it holds in trust as nominee on behalf of private beneficial shareholders. As Nominee it exercises any voting rights or entitlement in the collective interest of the shareholders, who hold the beneficial interest, subject to our Standard Nominee Agreement. Through this structure, firms can address the challenges of having a diverse portfolio of investors, without having to reduce or exit the number of private investors it has.
  • Business Risk Services: IIN works with clients to perform internal risk assessments, coordinate due diligence on financial proposals, assess operational risks and in some cases will provide contingency or business continuity services to clients to help mitigate said risks. These services are predominantly reserved for the clients of the Initiative Financial Group.

For further information, please visit or call us on +353 1 6859259